Advancing Community-based Healthcare

With a foundation in community-based healthcare and public health programs, Health-e-link was established to provide cost-effective solutions for managing healthcare information for community-based organizations and public health agencies. Historically, Health-e-link has focused specifically on helping our clients meet the data management needs of federal and state funded healthcare programs.

Health-e-link's leadership understands that the widespread adoption of health information technology including electronic medical record systems and health information exchange networks are creating new opportunities for sharing information and improving the nation's healthcare system through technology.

However, Health-e-link's leadership also understands that the highly complex standards being promoted by the Nation-wide Health Information Network (NwHIN) strategy often impose constraints that limit or even prevent data exchange in many networks of care. By providing a standards-based, but highly flexible health information exchange and data management solutions, Health-e-link positions healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and public health agencies to take advantage of new patient care models in their networks of care.

The Health-e-Link Solution

The Health-e-link Suite of products provides a healthcare information exchange and data management solution for all collaborating partners in any any community - local, regional, state-wide or national. We've ensured that our solutions meet HIPAA privacy and security standards, thereby ensuring that patient privacy concerns are addressed. Health-e-link has embraced widely accepted health information technology standards that ensure that an investment with Health-e-link is a strategic investment for any organization. With our modular approach to implementation, Health-e-Link offers capabilities for Care Connector systems, program registry systems and health information exchange networks that are configured to meet the specific needs of any network of healthcare providers and their partners.